Taking care of a rabbit

By: Ariella

Learning how to take care of a rabbit can be hard, but easy at the same time. Rabbits can take a lot of time and effort. There are 5 steps to taking care of a rabbit. I will explain what you will need, how to set up everything, and what are some good places for your rabbit.

The first step in learning to take care of a rabbit is you need a cage. The size depends on how much space you have. If you have a small space you should get a medium size cage. If you have a big space you can get a bigger size cage with space for the rabbit to run and play around. A rabbit needs exercise to be healthy. Second, you need food pellets. They are better to get normal pellets because if you get the pellets with fruit, it is bad for them and sometimes you don’t know what is in the fruit. Rabbits need water every day, so get a small bowl like a dog bowl but for little puppies if your rabbit is little, and when they grow get a bigger bowl for them. Third, you have to get something to entertain them so they won’t get bored. You can get toys from Petsmart or Walmart or any other stores that have pet toys, but you have to make sure they are for rabbits. It is important to make sure they are for rabbits because if it is not they could not like it and could be a waste of money. You can also make toys from home using cardboard boxes and cut it up into pieces like a good size for your rabbit, maybe like a medium size of cardboard pieces. They play with that too. Fourth, if you get a girl, make her get spayed so they won’t have babies unless you do want them to have babies. If they do they can have 10 or more at one time, so I recommend letting them have babies and then get them spayed. Fifth make sure you take your rabbit to the vet for checkups and if they need any shots.

In conclusion, having a rabbit is a lot of work but worth it. Rabbits live up to 10 maybe more years or less years it depends on what type of rabbit you get. The first rabbit I had lived up to 3 and a half years before it died. Rabbis can cost up to $25 dollars to $45 dollars. It depends on what type of rabbit you get and how much the person you are getting it from gives you another price. In my opinion, getting a rabbit is worth it if you have the time and the money to care of a rabbit.

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