Kristian Gaona (7) and Milton Washington (7) are game ready.

By Nate Levine

          Your 7th grade A team Basketball squad is playing in a tournament here at Garner on Friday January 31st and the 2ndof February. The game costs three dollars to get in. The first game is in the main gym at 6:30 against Lopez Middle School. “To beat Lopez we are going to have to play like a team, play hard, rebound, and someone needs to dunk it,” said Amadeo Cantu-Trevinio (7).

When garner wins, they play on Saturday at 10:15am at Garner. If we lose (which we won’t) we play at 9:00 at Garner. “We are going to have to prove that we have what it takes to win.” says Evan Dupre (7).  Come and support your Garner Yearlings!!!



On Tuesday November 20, 2012 Jack Taylor a 5’10 shooting guard for Grinnell University broke the NCAA record. Most points in one game with 138 points and the victory over Faith Baptist Bible College. Jack Taylor says, “I just felt like every shot I took would go in”. It took him 108 shots to reach 138 points. That is one point every 20 seconds! Ian Gonzales (8) said “it was a sexy performance!”Make sure to stay in touch with the Grinnell pioneers when they play Ripon College.

Basketball Season Starts

Fredrick Jones (7)

Fredrick Jones (7)

Basketball season has just begun for the boys and girls. We started off good in the season so let’s keep that up so we can end well.

Fredrick Jones (7) says, ‘’ I love playing basketball and football because it is a contact sport and it’s like an attribute to me.”

Rebecca Archer (7) says, “l like playing basketball because it’s a way to meet new people, and play with your teammates. Also, if you didn’t start off well in the season you have time to improve and get better.”

Our Lady Yearlings (girls) and Yearlings (boys) might go through some wins and losses, but they never disappoint us because we know they try their best at everything they do to represent Garner well.