They’re playing Basket-ball

Swish, swish, swish went the ball! Not every team can win, and not every team can be the best, but this team tries really hard to get their very first win this season. Tons of people love to tune in to watch their favorite team on the T.V., but with the Boys Garner Yearlings it’s all real action. “Sometimes when I’m nervous it gets in the way of my playing and I don’t want anyone to see,” said Ian Gonzales (7). He feels like his team tries way too hard to win, but says, “It’s okay because we always learn from our mistakes.”

After their games they practice and practice and practice to be stronger and they don’t ever give up. “Im really confident that my next game I’ll win even, though I lost my previous game, but you just don’t give up,” said Isaiah Perkins (7). Giving up is probably the last thing you would ever want to think about, when you’re feeling like you’re just not going to win because you just have to believe that you can do anything. “Never forget who you represent, and always try hard!” said B-team coach, Mr. Richardson of the boys basketball team,who is an amazing coach as well a fantastic teacher. He feels disappointment when his team has lost, “Because they work so hard to win, and I want them to feel good that they have won a game,” said Richardson. Lots of our students from our school come out to support their very own Yearlings every Thursday and give all their hope so they can get their big win. Coaches Rodriguez (A), Richardson (B), and Nunez (GO) appreciate all the dedication and support from the other students, parents, and mostly the faculty who helps the boys keep their grades up and their minds open.

Their cool and fly guys off and on the court with some fresh moves, who are great role models for sixth graders and who look up to the 8th grade team. All these guys need is to believe that they can do what ever they want with the help

Ian Gonzalez(7) wearing his school basket-ball shirt representing his team!

of their coaches and other teammates, who can probably give good advice to one another on anything needed. So go out every Thursday if possible and support all boys Garner Yearlings, because every student hopes for the team to win in each and every way.

By: Lauren G.

Lady Basketball Ballers

Basketball season has just begun for the seventh grade Lady Yearlings. The coaches as well as the players are very excited about the start of the season.

Just recently the A and B teams played in a tournament. Both A and B teams lost to Tejada, but redeemed themselves by beating Alamo Heights. It takes being on the gym floor by 6:15 Mon-Fri to make it on the basketball team. But if you strive to succeed you need to play like every game is your last. When you scrimmage in practice play like your playing to win a championship game. Never give up and never put your head down.

The A team coach, Coach Hampton, says, “The A team will win district this year!”  because she has extremely hardworking athletes. She also said that, “The girls have made my job a lot easier because they have brought a lot of skills to the table.” She says she enjoys coaching the A team because she likes pushing the girls to their limits. Coach Rocheleau, who coaches the B team, says they’ve overcome many obstacles, such as the challenge of dribbling and not traveling as much. She also says that, “They’ve become better offensive and defensive players.” When asked about which girls show outstanding effort she said “All of them show it, but Bethany Fisher and Sarah Perez really stick out.” She said that some of the best highlights were when one of our girls faced out an Eisenhower girl, and when they beat Eisenhower in the final seconds. Coach Coleman who coaches the GO team says, “I’m very excited to be working with 41 girls. We have alot of girls that are learning very quickly and enjoying the fast pace of the game.” She also said she’s very impressed with one of the smallest girls on the team who plays like a big girl, Jacely Garcia. She also said, “I’m impressed with my beast, Miraya Jennings.” Coach Coleman says she loves coaching her team and so do all of the coaches. To win district the girls are going to have to play like they never have and beat any teams that stand in their way. It will be tough, but the seventh grade Lady basketball team will prevail and make their school proud.

Hopefully the seventh grade Lady Yearlings have an amazing season and overcome any challenges that come their way.

By: Alexis

Basketball Starting?


Basketball season is here and just around the corner. Garner Yearlings did well in Football, but now it’s Basketball time. Hopefully we won’t get as many injuries like we did in Football. I asked two boys who are on the Basketball team about how they feel to be on it and if they think they’re good enough. “It’s fun and a good experience, it could help me get my muscles and everything & yeah I think I’m good enough to be on the team” Joey Fiel (8) I asked another source about how he feels about basketball & if he thinks he is good enough for it too. “It’s fun, like it’s good to know I’m on the team because I try my best & yeah, I believe I’m good at basketball because I have been playing ever since I was 7 years old,” said Joseph Zertuche (8). Everyone is very excited to see if our Garner Yearling 7th & 8th grade boys’ will lead us to victory!

By Samantha Alonzo.