Dance Club Meets Again

The dance club finally had a second meeting Monday, October 20, 2014. The dance club meets twice a month on Mondays in the choir room. The reason Garner Middle School has a dance club is because Ms. Flemming wants anyone who is interested to learn how to dance to many types of genres. Some of the genres are: Bollywood, hip hop, jazz, and country. The following people are the official members of dance club: Ashley Alverez (6), Makayla Arredondo (6), Caitlyn Auliveld (6), Tera Contreras (6), Addison Thompson (6), Varielica Rhymes (6), Faith Anderson (7), Janelle Bankston (7), Dejahnea Barret (7), Caeley Brown (7), Corbin Cunningham (7), Jennifer Flores (7), Chanel Hanson (7), Jessica Harden (7), Niavaunii Ledezma (7), and Alyce Thinner (7).

On Monday the dance club did four dances, all the same genre, the genre was a hip hop workout mix. Something that stands out is that the majority of the students are extremely flexible. Garner’s Dance Club is a great way to learn different types of dances; while having fun for your friends. Dance club may be small, but the members have fun and that is what matters.