Come Join Garner’s New Step Team

If you haven’t heard yet, Garner basketball girls Jenna Vega (7) and Ambriance Scott (7) want to start a step team and the group hasn’t yet decided when it will be held or what time it will be, but information will be coming soon so be on the lookout.

Jenna Vega (7) was asked what made them decide to start a club. She exclaimed, “Well, everyone started seeing us doing it then they wanted to learn how to do it so we asked Mr.Sellurs and he said all we needed to have one sponsor and at least five members.”

Kayla Oviedo (7) was asked why she enjoys stepping. She proceeded to say, “Its very fun and something you get use to after awhile and I would like to show everyone else how to do it once I learn it completely.”

Let’s see everyone’s faces and come join the new club Garner Step Team.