A Super Tail

By Isaiah

Have you ever heard the words, “You can’t”? In the movie “Dolphin Tale,” by Charles Martin Smith, is a story about a boy who doesn’t give up on a friend who lost a tail. This movie opens the heart of viewers.

This story teaches kids to never give up and follow your dreams. Sawyer Nelson (Nathan Gamble) plays a kid who finds a dolphin on the seashore of the ocean. The dolphin had got its tail cut off by a crab trap. Sawyer soon formed a group of strangers that had one thing in common; save a dolphin. Sawyer then thought of an amazing plan that would change the dolphin life completly around.

Brenda (Danny) Lopez (8th) says “I  usually see movies with my family,” which would make it sound like she would love this movie, however she also stated “I mostly watch horror movies at night at the Rialto.” However, Lunden Lopez (7th) quoted “I was really excited to see the movie, and it really touched my heart.”

This is an amazing movie made for kids. This was the number one movie last weekend. This  hour and fifty two minute movie is rated PG. You can see this movie at The AMC Rivercenter 9, Cinemax McCreless Market, The Santikos Rialto, or the Santikos Mayan Palace.