By: Jada


I walk along the Crystal Sandy beaches of the Caribbean

An out to the clear blue sea.

The light began to glissen on the reflection of the water

As it shined through clear.

I can hear the Vibrations of the waves

As they crash against the sands peak seemingly to say hello.

I stand in the sea as high as my knees

I feel the waves glide through my feet an currents ripple.

I wonder how is it that I can touch the water

An Embrace my lose for pain drift with it.

They run through me to say everythings okay , be free.

I feel Embrace finally in Me .

Have you ever had such a vivid an seemingly realistic dream that you wish was true so you can invision it all over again. Well the same thing happened to me and it turned out to come true . Last summer my family and I took a trip to the Caribbean an we had the time of our lives . Maybe you guys have had the same or maybe a vaigliy similar experience u would like to share also , well u can. You can also join the Campus News Crew or even Yearbook an share your Dreams an Imaginations with ur peers and teachers so they can also share in your experiences. We have so much fun and we take Tons of cool Pictures from all the school dances , games, and functions like orchestra conserts. You can join an be apart of our big family and  express your own thoughts or feelings because we want to hear you , and wat u have to say. Your Dreams an You matter because this is our Future together.

What are Dreams?

Dreams? What are dreams, you may ask. Dreams are a series of thoughts, images, and/or sensations that occur in a person’s mind during a sleep. Sometimes dreams you have do come true, not all the time, but sometimes if you think about it. Dreams could have varying natures like frightening, exciting, adventurous, etc. Even at times, dreams could make a creative thought that could occur to the person or to give it a sense of inspiration.
I asked Daisy Gonzalez (8) some questions about what she dreams everyday in her classes and any of her other dreams. “I dream about just going home, sleeping on my bed with my doggie. The seats here at school aren’t too comfortable like my bed.” Another source I asked was Adam Guzman (8) who also dreams while at school. “My most recent dream was really just kind of weird, but than it had someone special in my dream, so I really liked it.” Dreams could happen at any time, even if you’re not sleeping. You could have your eyes open and still dream about whatever you dream about.

Samantha Alonzo