High School fun electives

Next year our class of 2016 is going to start a new chapter in life.
They are headed to high school, but they have to make decisions of what electives they are taking for next year. A lot of students just pick the elective for the fun of it, but some think of their future with that elective that they have chosen. Just like Jennifer Bruno. She said “AVID is my favorite elective and I take it because I know it will help me for college and to get scholarships.” Also in high school there are a lot more electives to choose from. People might want to learn new languages just like Frank Hernandez (8).  He said “I would like to take Spanish in high school so, I can talk Spanish with my bilingual friends. “
Some high schools have different electives, but they are all wonderful.  Just be sure to pick something you like.

-Daisy Gonzalez(8)

Electives, Electives, Electives!

Do you ever have trouble figuring out what kind of electives you want to pick each year? If you’re into acting then theater arts is great for you “I am excited about theater arts because I just love acting!” said Alexis Ybarra (7). Or maybe you like singing.  “I am very excited about choir because I like to sing,” said Vanessa Pineda (7) Home Ec is another good elective, according to Alexis Ybarra (7) “I want to learn how to cook new things, and I heard it was a fun class!”

It’s important to pick electives that will maybe help you later in life, or that’s what you want to do when you grow up.  That’s the whole point of electives right?  “I’m excited about the electives because when I grow up I either want to be a singer or an artist.” stated Vanessa Pineda (7) Electives are not easy to pick, it depends on what you like and don’t like. If you like Spanish, then pick Spanish! If you know Spanish already, the pick another elective. “Electives are fun, and I just love them! I wish we could pick three! You get a chance to pick what electives you want for the next year. It is a great way to experience new things!” exclaimed Alexis Ybarra (7)

When you’re there trying to figure out what elective you want, think about your future. Think about “Is this really going to help me in life?”  That’s how Vanessa Pineda (7) picks her electives. She stated “Before I pick my electives I think about my future, how is this elective going to help me, and if i really truly wanted to be in it.”

By: Vivika Eckhoff