A New Beginning For Garner

If you go to Garner Middle School then you probably know all about the new addition to Garner.

Although if you don’t go to Garner, read on about the new building that Garner will be getting.

The new building will consist of so many things like a new outside Basketball court, Tennis court, and even a new cafeteria.

The new building will be two stories with brand new classrooms and we will even have elevators.

Mrs.Northway said, “The building will be ready on December 24, 2015. Also, teachers will start moving in there during Spring Break of 2016.”

Mr.Sellers said, “These classrooms that we are in right now will stay  until the community says otherwise and then when we get paperwork worked out, they will come down to make way for more new buildings.”

A great advantage to teachers and students is that the classrooms will be much bigger and there will be all new furniture in them.

Another good thing about this new building is that each grade level will have their own wing.

I know a bunch of students and staff are very excited for this new building especially since our older buildings are over 50 years old.


This a picture of the back of the science and how well it is coming out. This is the first part of Garner's new building.

The first part of Garner’s new building.

Basketball Season is Starting

Sadly Volleyball and Football season is over, but the next sport that is starting up is Basketball.

As you may know Basketball is a big deal here at Garner Middle School.  Coach Coleman said, “I’m hoping we will be undefeated this year because last year my 8th grade girls Go team was undefeated, so I’m hoping for a repeat of last year.”

The boys are excited for Basketball too.  D’Angelo Antonino (7) said, “I am super excited for Basketball season to start. I hope I make the A team.”

The 7th and 8th grade girls’ first game will be on December 17, 2014.  Garner vs. Harris, the 8th grade game will be held here at Garner Middle School, and the 7th grade game will be held over at Harris Middle School.  For both 7th and 8th grade girls, Go team starts at 4:30 p.m., B team starts at 5:30 p.m., and A team starts at 6:30 p.m.

Hopefully the boys and girls who play for Garner Middle School do an amazing job!

Garner Plans It Out

Garner Agenda book

This semester Garner supplied the students with a spring 2013 Student Planner (agenda book). Students can write in their agenda what they have been doing all through the day in their classes. The agenda also comes with a calendar that shows the holidays and special events that are coming up. Some students say it’s great having an agenda because they can be more organized.  If a student forgets if they had homework or not they could just look in their agendas. Lauren Galvan (8) says, “I don’t like the new agendas because it’s more work.”

Gissell Alcazar (8) says, ” It takes away time but I does make me more organized.” Agendas are useful to some student but others find them annoying to be carrying around. Overall, though, students should feel a little more organized as they begin school in 2013.