Spooky Students

Halloween is a great time of the year, but since we got older we can’t enjoy it as much.  Ivy Davidson (7) says, “I don’t do anything on Halloween.” She does’nt like celbrating it anymore. Some students still celebrate but they don’t go trick or treating. They go to Halloween parties. Most students still trick or treat, but some students feel like they are too old to dress up.

It seems like we all end up with a lot of candy when we go trick or treating. Most of the students that I interview said that they go into the rich neighborhood. That’s how we end up with a bunch of candy because they give out a bunch of it. They sometimes give out money. Halloween is fun no matter if you stay home or not. Seeing everyone dressing up and all the decorations is just great.

Haunted San Antonio

October just kicked in and Halloween is on its way. When it comes to Halloween we usually think of costumes, candy, jack-o-lanterns, and haunted houses. There are multiple haunted houses throughout San Antonio such as, the 13th Floor the most recognized haunted house, Terror Plaza, Ripley’s Haunted Adventure, and Nightmare on Grayson. Even the amateur haunted houses that we see throughout our neighborhood on Halloween night.

“The scariest thing that makes a haunted house scary is the different horror costumes and how they set everything up, “says Nathan Robertson [8].

Joseph Siller [8] says, “The first time I visited the haunted house it was scary but when I visit a haunted house now I’m not as scared easily. “

There are many haunted houses in San Antonio and many reviews on it, but what do our yearlings recommend?

Logan Griffin [8] says, “Out of the different haunted houses I go to I recommend The 13th Floor. It’s one of the scariest in my opinion.”

“If you plan to take the kiddos I recommend Ripley’s Haunted Adventure .It’s great for the little ones,” says Callum Robertson [8].

There’s many Houses to choose from and opinions. Going to a haunted house yourself is the best option, because you get your opinion on it, and can decide if you want to go again or not. So prepare yourself to get scared (unless your tough and you don’t get scared easily) and just have fun!



Scare Fest

Halloween, a fright fest, of fun and games. The thrill of the costumes and the candy is amazing. The costumes vary. And so does the candy.
The candy is the main priority for the trick or treaters. They bring all kinds of bags varying from pillows to ninja turtle heads. The types of candy most people like are Kit Kat, Twix, snickers and jolly ranchers. Kyle Eakle (7) says his favorite candy is “Jolly Ranchers” and Jade Brookbank (7) says her favorite candy is “M&M’s”.

The most important part about Halloween is the costumes, because that’s your ticket to get candy. The costumes vary from ghosts to zombies. Also it’s like your mask; no one will know it’s you if they can’t see your face.
Also the décor is important. When you walk up to a house you don’t want the house to be boring, you want them to be scary and exciting. Not Just another house.
Cody Kryworzej says that “the biggest and scariest always give out the best candy.
Here are some pictures of the Halloween events.