Scared for High School? Don’t Sweat it!

High school is such a serious place, its were you go to learn newer things about life and graduate from. The teachers are a lot more strict and have way different ways of disapline, due to fact that your almost adults and are still acting like your little kids!

Some students are scared to go to high school, and Vanessa Pineda (7) is one of those students. “She was scared to go to high school because she would have no idea what to wear!”She also was worried about the teachers who “she thinks will be a lot stricter “Daniel Lopez (7) also agrees with her very much. Daniel told me that he “wouldn’t be scared to go to high school because he’ll still know a lot of his friends.”

Going to high school can be a very scary thing there’s lots of big people and new personalities. Not so many are nice, some are very kind and some are just plain normal. Maybe you’re going to a high school you never been too. That brings ten times more worries. “Making friends is one of the big challenges in high school, you don’t know what any of the students are like that go there, or you don’t even know one that fits your personality.” says Vanessa Pineda. (7) Maybe your scared because of the older students that go there and you may not know if they’ll make fun of you. Don’t sweat it. If this happens to you, the best thing to do is tell a teacher, parent, consular, or a trusted adult. Some very helpful tips would be to not try and act stuck up around any seniors.

Try to be confident about everything you do and don’t be scared to answer questions in class or speak out. If you ever feel like there’s other students putting you down in class, the halls or even at lunch, just tell a teacher or parent. You might be able to get a schedule change if needed.

Being in high school isn’t all ways that bad, once you get used to it. The people aren’t as mean as you think; they’ve all matured by now, hopefully. As you move on new projects will come and new adventures with the “High School Life”, As a middle school student,im looking forward to high school because there’ll be so much to do in your day. Lots of new friends, lots of new teachers and lots of new exciting adventures!

Daniel Lopez (7) Ready to go to high school!

by Lauren G.