Once Upon a Dream

By: Jada

One man,

One dream,

One destiny.

A nation united for a plan to change humanity.

A plan to end the unjust laws against racism,

once upon a Dream.

Why was racism ever an issue?

Why couldn’t it have been solved years ago among 2 common rivals?

Why must it continue to preserve through the shadows?

Why does the color of your skin define you?

Black or White, why must we fight?

Why did we ever have to?

Martin Luther King’s dream,

Our future,

Our fight!

I Have A Dream

By: Luke

I Have A Dream where a man is not judged by his shoes. Where people are not judged by their wardrobe, but by their character. I Have A Dream where there is peace in country’s where people do not have to risk their lives and are killed for no reason. I Have A Dream for women’s rights and no discrimination against another race. I Have A Dream where people care about the importance of education. I Have A Dream for one not to be stopped by the border of their country. I Have A Dream to stand up and make a change for the greater good.