New Years!!!

By: Hannah. G

        New Years has been celebrated in the U.S for as long as anyone can remember. It has marked a new beginning, a new year. People all over the world have celebrated New Years, but many people celebrate New Year’s at different times. It just matters what time zone you are in. Also people celebrate it longer or shorter than others. Even if we all celebrate it at different times we all celebrate it because we are excited for a new year, and a new life.

       A lot of people make a list of “New Year Resolutions”. Basically it is when someone makes a list of things that they are going to improve or do the next year. People celebrate New Years by going out to party with friends, and family. They have huge feasts with a lot of entertainment. Also people go to certain places to see the countdown, and fireworks. A major travel destination is Times Square, New York. There is a huge clock that countdowns the time till the new year and a huge glitter ball begins to drop. After they reach zero and the ball drops, fireworks burst in the air and the crowds go wild. People kiss their loved ones, or even strangers! That is the usual tradition for the proud U.S.A!!!!  

2015 New Year’s Resolutions

It’s here! The big 2015; the year Marty McFly from “Back to the Future” traveled to.

Of course with a new year comes a new you, new mistakes, new wishes, and especially new resolutions.

For those who don’t know what a “New Year’s Resolution” is, it’s something resembling a goal that you would like to accomplish in the new year.

For example Annabel Flores (7) said, “My new year’s resolution is to get better in math. I need help with math because I know I struggle in that subject.”

According to , the most picked New Year’s resolution of this year is to lose weight. Of course right in second is to volunteer or to help out more.

Also, according to , only 45% percent of Americans make or set out a New Years’ resolution. Also, only 75% of people carry their resolution out through just the first week and then quit.

There are many reasons to make a resolution for yourself even if it’s to lose weight or to beat a new video game. Set goals for yourself and reach high this year.

Here is a picture of Arlette Aguilar's (7) New Year's Resolution list.

Arlette Aguilar’s (7) New Year’s Resolution list.

New Year’s Resolutions

Nate Levine (7)

2013 WELCOME!  Now that we don’t have to worry about the “world ending” we could move on and welcome a new year. Many people around the world are making New Year resolution’s such as: eating healthy, saving money and plenty of others

Maria Garza (7) was asked what was her New Year’s Resolution was, and how she was going to accomplish this goal. She exclaimed, “My New Year’s Resolution is to be a better student this year. I will study more, pay attention in class and do my homework in order to accomplish this goal.” Lastly she was asked, why she doesn’t think most people stick their goals. She responded saying, “ I think that temptation gets the best of them. For example, when your resolution is to lose weight and you see a huge juicy burger with donuts on the side.”

Danielle Delgado (7) was asked what her New Year’s Resolution was, and how was she going to accomplish this goal. She said, “To be more active, and I will accomplish this goal by riding my bike and walking.” Finally she was asked why she doesn’t think other people stick with their resolutions. She responded, “They probably feel they can’t accomplish it.”

Even if you slip on your goals, let’s all be glad and welcome a new year and what it has in store for us.