Have an Awesome Trip


NJHS, also known as National Junior Honor Society is not easy to get into. To make it into NJHS you have to have maintained a 90 or above average, have good conduct etc. Congratulations to everyone who made it in. This year the 8th graders are having their first trip to Austin pretty soon with NJHS. A couple of fellow members of NJHS were questioned about the upcoming event.

Rebecca Archer (7) was asked how she felt about only the 8th graders going to Austin.“I feel like some 7th graders are mature and responsible enough to go to Austin.”

Victoria Flores (7) was also asked a series of questions and she exclaimed, “I’m actually excited for them to go to Austin because next year I get to go and have just as much fun!”

Have a safe, fun, and exciting trip to Austin. We’ll see you when you get back!!!