Are Your Parents Involved?

Parents love to be involved at their child’s school and this is their chance! The Parent Academy is a program hosted by the family specialist Mrs.Diaz, and so far everyone seems to love the program. It’s usually on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 8:30 a.m. and on some days it’s on Wednesdays. A member of the program, Mrs.Guerrero says,” I see myself doing  this next year as well because of the awesome family specialist and I also get to brush up on my Spanish,” she jokes and then adds, “and also the great guest speakers and of course also the field trips!”  Mrs.Diaz welcomes all parents with a welcoming smile and highly encourages them to join the Parent Academy which has been in thirty six specific school districts for eleven years, plus all of  the classes are free! Even Mrs.Diaz said,” If my child had this program at their school I would definitely be in it! Especially if they have guest speakers on different topics.” Some students even enjoy their parents involvement, such as Juan Vargas (7) who says,”I like my mom being involved at Parent Academy because on special holidays I get to celebrate and eat food with my mom.” The Parent Academy is a great way for your parent to get involved with Garner Middle School and their student, and if you have any questions or comments please contact me or Mrs.Diaz and we’d be happy to inform you about it. Your parents will love this program!
By: Julia Ortiz