Sock Day – Red Ribbon Week

By Luke

October 20, 2015 is the first day of Red Ribbon Week. Today at Garner Middle School the students  were allowed to wear crazy socks,  which is anything in your imagination. Today I walked around Garner and got to see the fun socks that the students where wearing. They are down at the bottom so I can show you the fun!

Although Red Ribbon week is happy for some, it is also to remember DEA Agent Enrique Camarena, who stood up against the destruction of drugs and was killed in the line of duty. Around the world, people wear red ribbons to honor him and his heroism. National Family Partnership was the first to sponsor the first Red Ribbon Week.

Some people think of drugs on red ribbon week but other people like me also think it is a time to remember the family members that have had the battle for cancer. Many drugs cause cancer and other disease so that is why we must stand up to drugs. We thank Enrique Camarena for his stance and what he did for the world and to stop drugs.


All Tied Up



Super heroes, crazy socks, sports teams, ties, and your future college. All of that happened during Red Ribbon Week. On Monday 27, 2014, everyone at Garner Middle School had the chance to wear their favorite super hero shirt, so we can “power out drugs”. On Tuesday 28, the Yearlings wore crazy socks to “sock it to drugs”, and Wednesday 29, we wore our favorite team shirts to team up against drugs. On Thursday 30, we had the chance to become classy and wear bow ties to tie up drugs. On Friday 31, we showed where we want to go to college and wear a college shirt, we know we are too smart for drugs. The reason we celebrate Red Ribbon Week is because people need to stand up against drugs, and say no to drugs.

Lexi Rodnite (7) comments, I’ve worn a super hero t-shirt, crazy socks, a tie, and I’m going to wear a Texas Lutheran University college shirt to support red ribbon week.” It’s great that so many people are standing up against drugs and wearing ties, socks, and different shirts on the chosen days. Red Ribbon Week is from Monday 27 – Friday 31, and there is a presentation about saying no to drugs. At the presentation they taught you how to say no to drugs through a video.

Rene Jackson (6) said no to drugs completely and is willing to stand up to anyone who is doing them. He wore something every day, a superman shirt on Monday, mismatch socks on Tuesday, a Spurs shirt on Wednesday, a tie on Thursday, and a UT shirt on Friday. If any of his friends are doing drugs he would simply say, “Don’t do that, you are only hurting your body.” Many people still do drugs, but we are the generation with the voice. We can stand up to drugs and power them out.


Here is everyone in Mrs. Markey’s class that was wearing a tie.