End of Year FUN for 8th Graders

As many should know, the eighth grade field trip is on Tuesday May 21. All those who have qualified to go will be having fun at Time Warner Park.

Joseph Hernandez (8) said, “I believe many eighth graders will be going on the field trip because its fun and their friends will be there.” There’s a very positive outlook on the eighth graders going on this field trip according to this statement.

“I think it will be fun because school is almost over as well as it the trip being to Time Warner Park,” said Manuel Moke (8). Many think that the park will be fun and are greatly looking forward to it. Hope to see you there!

Target Closer Than Before

October 14, 2012 the new target by opened up and many people strarted going there instead of Walmart or the  Target all the way in Forum. The store is very well organized and everything is of good quality. Targets are always located next to places that lots of people shop at for example Ross and Dots. Mason Prevost (8) says ” I like Target because it’s where I always shop and now its closer.”

Target has always been nice to to schools and does many fund raisers for the schools in its community.