Leap Year

By: Luke

Leap Year

Leap year, what is it and why do we have it? It comes every 4 years, and what changes is they add the 29th day to February. We have leap year to keep our clocks up with the Earth’s gravitational clock. It is also said that leap day is the day women propose to men. This started for a nun in Ireland. To say that leap year is just for our Earth’s rotation, it has a change in time by one day. Instead of 365 days, there is 366. Some people think that it has no reason but I think it’s just science and we just have to go with nature. There is no real nature.

Science Fair

Here at Garner Middle School, the 8th graders have been hard at work since January for the science fair. Eighth graders are coming up with a suitable project that has a testable hypothesis so we know it’s possible, and then they go in-depth with their projects starting with loads of Internet searching and writing their research papers, writing down their procedures, materials needed, and hypothesis.

Eighth grader Kristian Zeaul says “The project takes a long time but it’s interesting and you have to keep up with your work or you’ll fall behind. The project I’m doing is what ball goes further when you’re batting in a sport like baseball or softball.”

Luke Bartels, another 8th gradeEducation at its finestr, says, “I wish that the project wasn’t mandatory because while I don’t really find it difficult, it’s extremely time consuming. My project is how high balls bounce on different surfaces.”

Our 8th grade Science teacher, Mrs.Travera, says, “I know it seems like a lot of work but it’s acceptable if you do it step by step. I do have high expectations for my students, mainly to get their work in on time, but what I really hope for is a project that’s original.

Finally, we learned that the science fair project should be a quite the sight to see with everyone’s ideas and inventions.

Did your Egg Break?


The 8th grade science classes did a Egg Drop Project in which they had to give their egg some kind of protection so the egg wouldn’t break when it was dropped from the roof of the cafeteria. If your egg did not break or crack at all you got a 90 on the project, if the egg only cracked a little bit you got an 80 and if it completely broke your grade would be a 70. The only way you could fail was if you did not turn in a project at all. Mr Crowe and Mrs Smith were very impressed by the eggs that did not break. Some people put the egg in a jar full of peanut butter and other made weird contraptions like parachutes.




cup full of Peanut Butter
Mr. Crowe and Mrs. Smith checking the the Egg Drop projects.

The 4th period , 8th grade Science class

 Abbra cadabra!