work on your game at Garner Summer camp.


“The Garner Summer Sports Camp is mainly to get you to stay in shape, and to work on you specific skills like throwing the football, and shooting the basketball”, says coach Dooley. “It also gets you in the weight room to get you quicker and stronger.”

This camp is fun, and it gets you to stay in shape. It is also one of the cheapest camps. You can go for only for $85 for a whole entire month, four hours a day, four days a week.“This camp is important to go to because it gives you more time to be with the coaches, and it keeps the momentum of your skill ability last year moving,” said Evan Rodgers (8).

Garners summer recreation sports camp provides a safe place to participate in sport activities. To register, or if you have questions stop by the boy’s locker room and get a summer camp brochure from Coach Melendez or Coach Dooley.

Here Comes Track Season

Now that basketball season is over it’s now time for track season! A lot of people want to join track, because they love to run.
Seventh and 8th grade boys and girls start Monday February, 25th at 4:30. There are many options if you don’t like running, there’s a bunch of field stuff you could do, like pole vault, long jump, and a bunch of other cool stuff.

When asked, if he is going to try out for track, Johnathan Estrada (7) had exclaimed, “Yes I am, but I’m doing it because my coach had recommended me because I’m fast.”

When asked what are some of the things she’s doing in track, Ambriance Scott says (7),”I’m doing the 1oo and 2oo meter run because I love to run.”
If you love running, we hope you’re at track practice.


Kristian Gaona (7) and Milton Washington (7) are game ready.

By Nate Levine

          Your 7th grade A team Basketball squad is playing in a tournament here at Garner on Friday January 31st and the 2ndof February. The game costs three dollars to get in. The first game is in the main gym at 6:30 against Lopez Middle School. “To beat Lopez we are going to have to play like a team, play hard, rebound, and someone needs to dunk it,” said Amadeo Cantu-Trevinio (7).

When garner wins, they play on Saturday at 10:15am at Garner. If we lose (which we won’t) we play at 9:00 at Garner. “We are going to have to prove that we have what it takes to win.” says Evan Dupre (7).  Come and support your Garner Yearlings!!!