Ahhhhchoooo: The Most Common Spring Time Greeting!

Ahhhhchoooo: The Most Common Spring Time Greeting!

Ava S.

Spring: Days grow longer; Sun shines brighter; Pollen gets heavier.

But mostly, spring allergies fill the air. During San Antonio’s seasonal change of spring, there is lots of pollen and allergens in our air. Bethany Lockett (8) says, “I am taking every allergy medicine possible so I don’t have to miss school. If I wasn’t on ultra allergy meds, I would be very sick.” Let’s take a closer look as to what’s in the air.

First and foremost, there is a lot of oak pollen floating around. You may recognize it as those little green puffs that get into everything. It can cause sneezing, coughing, and sinus pressure. This is an annual pollination that happens every year so more oak trees can grow.

Trees may look beautiful, but give off pollens that cause many peoples’ allergies.

Also, many trees and flowers are blooming, so their pollens are filling the air. “My allergies suck,” claims Skyler Edmisten (8). This spring, Doctors would suggest going to an allergist, a doctor who specifies on allergies, if you have symptoms like sinus pressure and headaches, running or stuffed nose, or coughing. The best you can do for your body is eat right, exercise, and get lots of sleep to prevent illness.

Hopefully, these allergens won’t get to you. Take care of your body and await the fresh air of summer.

Garner Plans It Out

Garner Agenda book

This semester Garner supplied the students with a spring 2013 Student Planner (agenda book). Students can write in their agenda what they have been doing all through the day in their classes. The agenda also comes with a calendar that shows the holidays and special events that are coming up. Some students say it’s great having an agenda because they can be more organized.  If a student forgets if they had homework or not they could just look in their agendas. Lauren Galvan (8) says, “I don’t like the new agendas because it’s more work.”

Gissell Alcazar (8) says, ” It takes away time but I does make me more organized.” Agendas are useful to some student but others find them annoying to be carrying around. Overall, though, students should feel a little more organized as they begin school in 2013.