Why So Nervous?

By: Alexis Brock

With months of preparation the STAAR tests are coming up fast on the students. Many kid are downright terrified, while some approach the test with confidence.

 The 7th grade English STAAR will be taken on March 20-21. The English test will require students to write three essays along with a question portion. Mrs. Bean, an English Teacher, says that she of course would’ve liked to prepare her students more, but tutoring and writing practice has prepared them quite a bit. The students have been prepped enough to meet the writing standard. Mrs. Bean says she is confident in her students’ writing abilities. She is expecting all her students to pass, and show what they know. Luckily, most of them came to her with a lot of writing knowledge. Other kids are really worried about the Math STAAR test coming up in April. Mr. Kline says, “If they read the questions carefully, and come to tutoring, they will greatly increase their chances of passing.” He says tutoring will help the students by giving them more practice on the STAAR type questions they will see. He feels his students will be prepared if they were to come to tutoring. Mr. Crowe, the principal, is 100% confident in our abilities. He feels that if  we take it seriously they will be fine. He says, “I think the students are as prepared as they can be, if they’ve been working hard throughout the year.” Mr. Crowe also feels that tutoring will help students, because it fills in those small gaps in learning. Marjorie Argote (7) is one of the many nervous students. She says, “In a way I’m kind of nervous, because it’s harder than TAKS, but I feel I’m prepared enough, but I’m still nervous.” Brook Livecchi (7) is among the nervous students also. She says, “I’m nervous, but I’m going to do good, because I’m a winner.”

Overall the teachers believe in their students’ abilities to pass the STAAR tests. Even though the students are terrified, they’ll do fine on the test. So study hard, do your work, and you will pass the test.