Temple Run 2 is finally here

Rebecca Archer (7) playing Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2 just came out with bigger monkeys, better graphics, and more. Many people around the world

have been waiting for this game to come out. Some of people’s favorite things about this game is that it’s fun and addicting.

Rebecca Archer (7) was asked if she has ever played Temple Run 2. She exclaimed, “Yes I love that game it’s so much better than the first.” She was also asked what she likes about the game. “I like how it’s more challenging and addicting.”

Kayla Oviedo (7) was asked if she have ever played Temple Run 2. She proceeded to say, “Yes I like, it but it’s too hard for me but it’s still a fun game to play.” Lastly she was asked what she finds so challenging about this game. “What I find challenging is all the twist and turns. It just gets me all confused.”

We’ve waited so long for this game to come out and now it’s finally here.  Are you the next master at Temple Run 2?