Mrs. Pittman

By Faith

Born and raised in Texas, Mrs. Pitman went to different colleges before she started teaching, but the main college she got her degree in and graduated from was the University of Texas at San Antonio. Before she started working for NEISD she worked for John Paul Catholic High School in New Braunfels, TX as the director of Fine Arts.Then, she worked at Krueger MS as an art teacher. Thankfully, now she has switched to Garner and is much appreciated for being not only an art teacher, but also a PALS, and theatre arts teacher.

Now to more serious factors, Mrs. Pitman’s favorite color is purple, her favorite type of food is Mexican food, and her favorite shows are Empire, Modern family, and The Middle. Her favorite songs are ‘Sorry’, and ‘What Do You Mean’ both by Justin Bieber. ‘Devil Wears Prada’ is her favorite movie. Outside of school, she likes to surround herself with her family, (daughter, 2 sons, and husband) and do photography. Around Garner she also helps with one act plays, UIL speech events, and the art club.

Besides people in her family she is also known for having so many pets! She has 5 dogs (Elliott, Beau Beau, and Heavenly, Weena, and Sweetie Pie.) Another type of animal she has is cat. She has a blind cat, a blind/deaf cat, reg. cat, and two kittens (Helen Keller, Cuddle fish, ChupaCabra, Frida Kahlo, and Nelly Bly.) And lastly, a bearded dragon named pistachio, a Haitian Curly Tail named Cleopatra, and (her favorite) a goat named June bug.

Her favorite holiday is Thanksgiving because she likes to be with her family and the food. And her favorite football team is the Miami Dolphins because she likes the colors. Lastly, I asked her what her favorite childhood memory was and what she was most afraid of as a kid. She told me “my favorite childhood memory was getting my first kitten and giving her dog ‘bubbles’ a snow day in her freezer when she was 5 years old. And her biggest childhood fear was either getting kidnapped or ghosts.

The Hobbit, Here? Yes, and Masks included

Quite recently the school’s theatre arts department has decided to put on a play of the movie “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” in early May and have asked the art classes to help out by creating the masks for the cast of the play. The play will be hosted here at Garner.

Only a few choice masks will be used in the play for the cast themselves while others will be made for promotional purposes. Now some of you may be wondering, “Why doesn’t the theatre arts department make the masks?”  Well, Crystal Gephart (8) says, “The art classes should make the masks because all of the drama students are too busy preparing for the play making props, remembering lines, etc.”

Another question is, “What about the parts to the play?” This question has been asked because people are questioning if everyone got a role that suits them perfectly. “Yes and no because some people should have gotten a role best suited for them but didn’t because someone was supposedly ‘better’ than them,” says Vanessa Huerta (8).

No matter what, this show is going to be great and should not be missed!