Hi, my name is Chad, and I attend Garner Middle School. I enjoy playing the violin and riding my bike. I also enjoy trying different foods but my favorites are street tacos, chilaquiles, hamburgers, and more. When I graduate from high school, I want to be either a barber or an architect. My favorite type of music is classical music. Three adjectives that describe me are: 1. Respectful, 2. Funny, and 3. Happy. I have really enjoyed working on the yearbook this year, especially since it has been such a crazy year. I got to write about how our students at Garner Middle school have been succeeding through their academic schooling careers even in the face of difficult circumstances and I hope I can share this joy with you too!


Hey my name is Emma and I’m in the 2020-2021 yearbook. I’m born and raised in San Antonio Texas, and have lived in the same house my whole life. I have been at Garner Middle school since 6th grade and plan on staying here for 8th as well. I’d say I’m caring and pretty easy going, but I can also be very determined. I love to listen to mxmtoons indie music, as well as beach bunnies pop music. Three things that scare me are lakes, because I can’t see the bottom. Elevators, because the one at my moms office is really scary, causing my fear of them. And lightning, because it’s just really scary. I love sports and shopping. My favorite sport is volleyball and I love going shopping at the mall. After high school I want to travel the world for a little bit with my friends, then go to New York, get a smallish apartment with one of my friends and get a puppy.



Hello, my name is Emily Annalise. I am in yearbook at Garner Middle school 2020-2021. I was born in San Antonio Texas and I’ve lived here my whole life. I’ve been going to Garner Middle school since 6th grade. My friends would describe me as outgoing, crazy, and spontaneous! I went to Northwood elementary from kinder to 5th grade and I’ve already made some lifelong friends. I love skateboarding and volleyball, but sadly my volleyball club season just ended. 🙁

Hey my name is Jalicia I am 13 and my favorite color is purple. I am very goofy, sarcastic, and caring. My favorite food is tacos, strawberries, and my favorite drink is sprite. I love to listen to pop music and sad music to vibe. The artist I listen to is dojo cat and the neighborhood. Things that make me scared are hospitals, elevators, and dying. My favorite hobbies are soccer, playing with puppies, and watching Netflix. After highschool I plan on going to college and traveling becoming a lawyer.


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