Throw Kindness Like It’s Confetti!

Throw Kindness Like Confetti
Throw Kindness Like Confetti

Walking by our school’s cafeteria, you might see something new on the windows. When you take a closer look, you’ll see little sticky notes with encouraging phrases, like “You can do it!” The idea is to take a sticky note and pass it on to others. In this way, kindness will spread through our Eisenhower family, lighting up faces and hearts.

You might wonder why this is such a big deal, and why our campus even partakes in such an event. Well, it’s proven that kindness releases chemicals in your brain that relieve stress and make you happier overall. Additionally, kindness causes positivity and warmth in a community, making it a better place overall for everyone. Though it might seem silly, giving someone a positive sticky note might just make their day better, and they’ll pass on that same positivity that you gave to them.

Though these sticky notes are endearing and uplifting, that’s not the only thing our school is doing in the way of kindness. The PALS students participated in No One Eats Alone day, a day in which our eighth grade PALS go around and sit with students that have no one to sit with. Some eighth graders that aren’t in PALS have invited others to their table, letting them know that they aren’t alone.

“I like to light up people’s days that don’t always have a great day,” eighth grade PAL Grace says. “Some people like to eat alone, but others just want a very good friend.”

This week has been a great reminder to all to be kind. You can make someone’s day better just by a simple smile, wave, or sticky note. Kindness is free, so you should throw it everywhere!


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