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Sports are all the rage these days! It requires smarts, athleticism, strength, discipline, self-confidence and much more. Our school is full of athletes that need a chance to shine. One problem is that schools can only offer so many sports options. After talking with a few classmates and teachers, I learned that they have a lot of opinions on what sports they would add. Some students I interviewed were Addie Woods, Samantha Meyer, and Aiden Marlow.

Talking with Addie Woods, she suggested adding swimming. She knows that swimming requires a lot of strength and commitment. Addie states, “that swimming is an awesome exercise and many people will enjoy it.” As a swimmer she would definitely join and thinks it would really benefit our school.

Another classmate I had the opportunity to interview was Aiden Marlow. He thinks we should add golf as a true sport, not just a club. Although we have a great club right now, he believes golfing will be an amazing sport and knows it offers college scholarships. One cool thing that Aiden has is off campus P.E. He goes to the golfing range during most guys athletic period, but having it as a sport at school will allow him to stay and hangout with friends at school and on the range.

A few teachers I interviewed are Ms. Zamora and Ms. Sabatelli.

Both teachers shared with me that they would add dance and soccer. Ms. Zamora says that dance requires balance, coordination, and athleticism. Another cool fact is that dance uses all muscles of the body! Ms.Sabatelli believes we should also add soccer. Some reasons why is our demographics and it is one of the fastest growing sports.

Over all, I agree about all sports my classmates and teachers suggested to add. Our school would benefit from all of these sports and would enjoy them. What sports would you add?


By: Mackenzie

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