Your Time to Shine

Spring pictures is your time to shine! So listen up to these tips and tricks to make your picture fabulous.

1- Come picture ready, have your hair nice, and clean clothes

2- These photos will not be in the year book, we already got your photos in Fall

3- Share this news with your friends so they can have memories to look back at

4- Make sure to pick up your order forms and don’t forget to bring money or they won’t take them

5- Pictures will take place in the ALC

6- You can come in you favorite outfit as long as it is School appropriate and follow the rules

7- While taking your pictures remember to smile

8- You want to smile so when your Parents see your photo it warms their hearts

9- Don’t forget you can personalize your own background for you to pop!

10- So on Friday the 23, remember these tips so you can look fabulous!

Here are some School pictures that went south! Make sure you prepare for the picture that will haunt you for years to come.  


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