5 Star Generals 2022

Congrats to our Eisenhower 5 Star Generals!  

6th Grade 

Sasha Ennis

Aubrey Freshwater

Brylen Kuchinsky

Charlee Rodriguez

Marion Montemayor

7th. Grade 

Dax Cooper

Ferreira, Beatriz

Stella Giambalvo

Anyiah Gutierrez

Katherin Wilkinson

8th Grade 

Merrick Devlin

Loralea Draa

Axel Diaz-Rodriguez

Aiyana (Michelle) Miller

Ysabella Perez

Fine arts

Matthew Garza (8th grade)

Vivienne Wood (6th grade)

General Leader Award (PE, Health, Athletics)

Danna Ramirez-Sandoval

Nicklas Porrell

Monica Hughes
Eisenhower Middle School
6th/7th. Reading Acceleration(RAC)

Speech and Debate Tournament

The Eisenhower Theatre & Debate programs attended the Fall 2022 Speech & Debate Tournament today. Please congratulate the following students on a job well done!!


2nd place – Abigail Caha

4th place – Jillian Cooley


2nd place – Ysabella Perez

Dramatic Interpretation:

2nd place – Abigail Caha

3rd place – Ysabella Perez

Duet Acting:

3rd place – Leilah Morin & Madilyn Iiams

4th place – Lila Serna & Abigail Caha

                      Rebeca Palm & Jillian Cooley

                      Delayla Ibarra & Kaia Pratt

Modern Oratory:

1st place – Presley Aluise

2nd place – Alia Costales

                      Emma Tijerina

                      Jude Pullen

                      Logan Leclar

3rd place – Audrina Contreras

                      William Hammond

4th place – Ethan Moreno

                      Izaac Martinez

                      Jocelyn Romero

Impromptu Speaking:

1st place – Ysabella Perez

2nd place – Marion Montemayor

                      Mark Adkins

                      Presley Aluise 

3rd place – Alia Costales

                      Ethan Moreno

                      Joshua Nava

4th place – Aaron Leal

                      Audrina Contreras

                      Emma Tijerina

                     Jacobo Salazar 

                     Joseph Hernandez

                      Luis Rodriguez

                      Shayla Alaniz

Public Forum:

Blue Ribbon (won 2 out of 3 rounds):

Alia and Marion

Red Ribbon (won 1 out of 3 rounds):

Heaven and Lee

Ale and Audrina

Logan and Jason

Shayla and Olivia

Shep and Ethan

Mark and Josh


Additionally, Eisenhower had the second highest overall points accumulation in the Medium School Division and took home a Runner Up Trophy in Sweepstakes. 


Mrs. Chitta & Mrs. Leyva are SUPER PROUD!! 

Investigating Careers Fashion Show


From Mrs. Leyva:

The Investigating Careers class studied the Arts, AV, Communications Career cluster and became Fashion Designers for a week! They studied how fashion has changed throughout the decades, they sketched their own designs, and they even created their own clothing line. Parents and teachers donated clothes and materials for students to use for their fashion show. Students had only 30 minutes and limited supplies to create a LOOK. The students had a blast and filled different rolls such as; fashion designer, buyer, model, and sales associate. After the fashion show concluded IKE students, families and teachers donated a total of 4 huge bags of clothes and shoes to the local Goodwill.



Future Architects

From Mrs. Leyva:

Investigating Careers class wrapped up learning about the Architecture and Construction Career Cluster with a Building Day hosted by Librarian Gastinger. Students rotated through three stations testing their abilities to problem solve and make quick decisions. Each station consisted of a timed building challenge. Station 1: Build the tallest parking garage using ONLY index cards. Station 2: Build an elevated bridge out of straws, scissors, and tape to hold a cup of 100 pennies. Station 3: Build the tallest structure out of marshmallows and toothpicks. Students had a blast testing their theories!

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