Hunger Pains


Have you ever woken up late for school, and had to get ready in a rush? Well you more than likely didn’t have time to grab your breakfast. I hope you know that your not alone. According to Kellogs only 50% of middle schoolers eat breakfast every morning, and in high school the number drops to 36%. That means more than half of students are going to school on an empty stomach. That leads me to my main point on why we should be able to eat in class.

Coming to school hungry has many negative effects. If you have ever been hungry in class, you know how hard it is to pay attention. Between trying to learn, your stomach rumbling and counting down the minutes until lunch your brain can’t pay attention because you can’t wait to eat.

Some students may even eat breakfast, but with a lunch time of 12:35 they can’t help but get hungry during class. In order to function properly, students need some food in their system. Having a snack in class may help some students be able to focus better, which can help them to succeeded.


“We should be able to eat in class because food gives us energy to be able to learn and to be attentive in class.” -Marisque Avila


Most teachers don’t let their students eat in class because it is considered “distracting” and “messy”, but if we pick up after ourselves and bring food that is not loud and messy, snacks should not be a problem for teachers or students. So, it is a good idea to let students snack in class because they will be worried about their school work, not their empty stomachs, and they won’t be counting down the minutes to lunch.


“Kids need snacks because lunch is hours away. Snacks can help kids stay focused all day. Also, studies show that kids who eat snacks get higher grades than those who don’t. Kids can also get stomach bugs if they don’t eat enough food.”


-Bella Lancaster

Your Time to Shine

Spring pictures is your time to shine! So listen up to these tips and tricks to make your picture fabulous.

1- Come picture ready, have your hair nice, and clean clothes

2- These photos will not be in the year book, we already got your photos in Fall

3- Share this news with your friends so they can have memories to look back at

4- Make sure to pick up your order forms and don’t forget to bring money or they won’t take them

5- Pictures will take place in the ALC

6- You can come in you favorite outfit as long as it is School appropriate and follow the rules

7- While taking your pictures remember to smile

8- You want to smile so when your Parents see your photo it warms their hearts

9- Don’t forget you can personalize your own background for you to pop!

10- So on Friday the 23, remember these tips so you can look fabulous!

Here are some School pictures that went south! Make sure you prepare for the picture that will haunt you for years to come.  


Ticket to Togetherness

Sports are all the rage these days! It requires smarts, athleticism, strength, discipline, self-confidence and much more. Our school is full of athletes that need a chance to shine. One problem is that schools can only offer so many sports options. After talking with a few classmates and teachers, I learned that they have a lot of opinions on what sports they would add. Some students I interviewed were Addie Woods, Samantha Meyer, and Aiden Marlow.

Talking with Addie Woods, she suggested adding swimming. She knows that swimming requires a lot of strength and commitment. Addie states, “that swimming is an awesome exercise and many people will enjoy it.” As a swimmer she would definitely join and thinks it would really benefit our school.

Another classmate I had the opportunity to interview was Aiden Marlow. He thinks we should add golf as a true sport, not just a club. Although we have a great club right now, he believes golfing will be an amazing sport and knows it offers college scholarships. One cool thing that Aiden has is off campus P.E. He goes to the golfing range during most guys athletic period, but having it as a sport at school will allow him to stay and hangout with friends at school and on the range.

A few teachers I interviewed are Ms. Zamora and Ms. Sabatelli.

Both teachers shared with me that they would add dance and soccer. Ms. Zamora says that dance requires balance, coordination, and athleticism. Another cool fact is that dance uses all muscles of the body! Ms.Sabatelli believes we should also add soccer. Some reasons why is our demographics and it is one of the fastest growing sports.

Over all, I agree about all sports my classmates and teachers suggested to add. Our school would benefit from all of these sports and would enjoy them. What sports would you add?


By: Mackenzie

Throw Kindness Like It’s Confetti!

Throw Kindness Like Confetti
Throw Kindness Like Confetti

Walking by our school’s cafeteria, you might see something new on the windows. When you take a closer look, you’ll see little sticky notes with encouraging phrases, like “You can do it!” The idea is to take a sticky note and pass it on to others. In this way, kindness will spread through our Eisenhower family, lighting up faces and hearts.

You might wonder why this is such a big deal, and why our campus even partakes in such an event. Well, it’s proven that kindness releases chemicals in your brain that relieve stress and make you happier overall. Additionally, kindness causes positivity and warmth in a community, making it a better place overall for everyone. Though it might seem silly, giving someone a positive sticky note might just make their day better, and they’ll pass on that same positivity that you gave to them.

Though these sticky notes are endearing and uplifting, that’s not the only thing our school is doing in the way of kindness. The PALS students participated in No One Eats Alone day, a day in which our eighth grade PALS go around and sit with students that have no one to sit with. Some eighth graders that aren’t in PALS have invited others to their table, letting them know that they aren’t alone.

“I like to light up people’s days that don’t always have a great day,” eighth grade PAL Grace says. “Some people like to eat alone, but others just want a very good friend.”

This week has been a great reminder to all to be kind. You can make someone’s day better just by a simple smile, wave, or sticky note. Kindness is free, so you should throw it everywhere!


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