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The literary magazine features a variety of disciplines, ranging from art to the titular literature. Jacob Hernandez and Jamie Pfaff have contributed all their skill as editors and artists to make this year’s magazine a quality product.

Seeds is published twice a year, and is printed through the San Antonio Press. Cindy Callins is in charge of the creative writing class that develops the magazine, and she has some big plans for future issues.

“I plan on maybe putting it in a few competitions next year, such as the JEA (Journalism Education Association), and see where that takes us,” she said.

Nicole Strang was one of the lucky few to get to become a finalist in the Heinz competition to create a new logo for the classic ketchup packet. Strang does not consider herself likely to win – in fact, she considers herself to be unlucky in competition- but it seems her bad luck has run out as she takes her place alongside eleven other students.

“It was exciting news, but I honestly thought I wasn’t going to make it,” Strang admits. “But I am definitely going to start doing more competitions.”

Johnson High School’s theater department put on a production of “When You Coming Back, Red Rider?” – making it all the way to state in this year’s U.I.L. One Act competition under the direction of Suzanne Martin. Martin, cast and crew alike are proud of their recent achievements, and plan to continue their tradition of excellence. “We made it to state held at Steel High School,” Martin said. “We feel very accomplished and proud to make it to state, and we did our best.”

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