The Johnson PVSA takes big step forward

by Sean Encino . Staff Writer|

This year was a great leap forward for Johnson’s PTA-sponsored President Volunteer Service Award branch, who racked up 137 awards out of the 180 students who registered, 100 awards more than the totaled amount last year. The PVSA is granted to students who serve their community in an endless possibility of ways, such as participating in Toys for Tots and Humane Society.

“Community service can be in your neighborhood, it can be city activities, it can also be on campus…it’s anything that counts that you o for someone else that you don’t get a grade for or you don’t get paid for,” faculty sponsor Robin Philbrick said.

The PVSA makes students stand out with a polished resume and adds to the possibility of earning a scholarship, Philbrick said.

Among the most prestigious of likely award recipients are Bridget and Sierra Warlen, sisters who each have served 1,825 hours fostering hounds this year. Volunteers who have served hours between May 1 of this year and April 30 of next year will be eligible for the award.

In total, the amount of hours served by the 137 award recipients tallied up to 30,880.37 hours. Philbrick says by the time they advertise it all over the school, there will be even more awards.

“We expect to double it (the amount of award recipients) by next year,” she said.

This year’s ceremony will take place on Wednesday, May 26 at 7 o’clock in the Johnson Auditorium.

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