School’s on for summer

Madison Porras . Photo Editor |

With the new 7-period day schedule going into effect next school year, many students are re-evaluating their schedules and utilizing summer school.

“I’m planning on taking either technology, health, or both [this summer],” sophomore Ashley Hesles said. “How hard could it be?”

For some summer school is necessary in order to obtain enough credits to graduate, but there are various reasons why students are choosing to attend summer school.

“I’d rather take electives instead of wasting [the] year on technology,” Hesles said.

Sophomore Kristen Knott has enrolled in summer school for a similar reason.

“[I’m taking speech] to get it out of the way; so I won’t have to do it my senior year.” Knott said. “I want to have enough time to do something fun.”

The option to take classes online has also influenced students to do summer school.

” If I take it with the school it takes 28 days out of summer, so I’d rather take it online,” Hesles said. “I get to go places, I don’t have to stay in San Antonio.”

However many students are sticking to the traditional class.

“I have to go to Roosevelt, but there’s a bus,” Knott said.

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