Jags Outrun Broncos In Season Opener

by Madelyn Carter

Sports Writer

The Johnson Varsity football team had their first game Friday, August 27, and started off the season with a monumental win. Even though it took the team until the last seconds of the first half to take a 7-0 lead, they held on for a 21-14 win.

The Jags showed great defensive strength throughout the game with big hits from junior Jacob Lady- Schrieber, senior Zack Bradley, junior Garret Hunt, and senior Zach Prevost, as well as 6 tackles from senior Mario Verrett, and 10 tackles from senior Garrett Blucher.

Marvin Smith showed flashes of greatness as he powered through the Bronco defense on his way to a 21- yard touchdown run in the second quarter. Quarterback Trey Garcia not only gave precise  passes to his receivers, but also ran like the wind for a 42- yard touchdown in the third quarter.

The moment that got every fan in the stands on their feet came in the middle of the third quarter, when Cohner Mokry received a snap and threw it to Trey Garcia, who then fired a rainbow down to a wide open Sean Stier for a 44-yard score.

The Jags came into the 4th quarter with a demanding 21-0 lead, and shortly had to turn on the defense as the lead slimed to just a touchdown by the 7:18 mark. Big tackles, and a quarterback sack at the 50 yard line by Evan Miller and Garrett Hunt gave the Jags the motivation to finish out the game with a win, and start the season off right.

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