Lunch schedule holds new options for students

by Lauren Tsai


Amid changes in school policies and the district bell schedule, longer lunches are also new to the 2010-2011 school year.

The lengthened lunch period gives students different options. Johnson’s initial plan was to schedule tutorials where students can ask for help during their lunch period, but it is not yet in effect.

“It’s up in the air. It will be up to Mr. Mehlbrech how he wants to run it,” AP Mitch Brown said.

Students can still choose to study in the cafeteria or ask for a library pass from an administrator on duty. They can also leave to work on their extracurricular activities as long as they have a pass from a teacher. With the new policy, students are allowed to use their iPods and mp3 players during lunch.

“They can listen to music and get ready for the afternoon,” Brown said. “There’s ample time.”

The cafeteria is more crowded now that there are only 3 lunch periods. Because cafeteria tables are full and some students must eat outside, administration is providing different accommodations.

“We are trying to make it as comfortable as we can,” Brown said. “We’ve moved tables under the awning to alleviate some heat.”

In efforts to relieve the long lunch lines, students no longer have to show their ID when purchasing lunch.

“It speeds the lines up unless there’s a problem with your account or your account is flagged,” Brown said, meaning that parents are able to request that their child use his or her school ID to buy lunch.

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