New schedule ousts Jag Time

by Brooke Nowakowski  | Editor-in-Chief

In the midst of a bustling new year, one would doubt that the fate of Jag Time, the team-building and planning time discussed in preparation for this year’s schedule, has yet to cross your busy mind.

But where did it go?

“When we looked at the schedule-and with the change from AB with ninety-minute periods versus eight periods now, where fifty minutes is mandatory from the district- it was hard for us to put in a Friday advisory,” Principal Mehlbrech said. “It was decided that for this year we will have advisory every three weeks with progress reports, instead of having them every week.”

Senior Geena Garcia greets the change with open arms.

“I think it’s better now, because Jag Time wasn’t really that fun anyways,” Garcia said. “You don’t have to do any of those… what were those called? Activities?”

For those less enthusiastic about Jag Time’s departure, Mehlbrech welcomes feedback.

“We’re always up for suggestions on how we can work out different schedules, and I will be asking throughout the year from teachers, our leadership team, our students- particularly the B.O.D., Board of Directors; what their thoughts are, and try to make the best, logical decision,” he said.

Students seeking career guidance will continue to find resources within the school.

“I know there’s a great career center over here,” said Mehlbrech, who encourages students to visit during their extended lunch period.

While not all transitions may be as well received, the phasing-out of Jag Time has found a welcome audience.

“I think it was a good idea,” Garcia said. “I think it’s not the best change, but it was a good change.”

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