by Kelsey Eidson

Staff Writer

The backstage is buzzing in the Johnson drama department, which will open their fall season with William Shakespeare’s Hamlet on October 7-10, followed by The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged) on November 11-14 and Grease on February 3-6.

“Hamlet is just like the play,” junior Hunter Wulff said. “There are some cut, but it’s almost just like the original.”

Callbacks were on Friday, August 27, a fray from which Wulff emerged triumphant.

“I received the part of Laretes, Ophelia’s brother,” Wulff said. “Hamlet killed his father,and [Laretes] is out for revenge while being manipulated by King Claudius. He is a very emotional character in the play, usually either angry or sad, but I don’t want to ruin any more of the surprises.”

Right before Thanksgiving break on Nov 16-18 auditions will be held for Grease. The musical genre presents demands and distinctions not faced in the the current productions.

“Usually musicals do have some more challenges than plays do,” drama instructor Jay Asterman said. “You have to add in music, choreography, vocals, bigger sets, and other elements present in musicals.”

However, new faces in the cast add the energy and talent to make the effort a success; the result is the entire student body’s to enjoy.

“There is a freshman in Hamlet playing Queen Gertrud,” Asterman said. “When we have auditions we don’t really look if they are a freshman or senior, just if they are the right person for the part.”

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Kelsey Eidson is a sophomore staff writer for Johnson's newspaper, The Pride. This is her second year working in the journalism department but her first year in the newspaper staff. She is also a baton twirler at her school and spends most of her time with color guard.

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