Campus officers crack down on patrolling the school

by Travis Haese

Staff Writer

Johnson students and staff will see some changes made to the police system on campus in the weeks to come. Last year there were two NEPD officers and one SAPD officer on campus from Monday to Thursday, and only two NEPD officers on Friday.

“This year, Monday through Wednesday, we have two NEPD, and Thursday and Friday we have three, because we have an SAPD officer come and they are here for traffic,” assistant principal Mitch Brown said.

Due to the layout of the roads on campus, the police are making additional attempts to control traffic flow this year.

“We need the extra support for traffic because of the volume of people that have to move through, really, one roadway,” Brown said.

One officer works at the intersection exiting the student parking lot along with an assistant principal to direct the flow of traffic. When school lets out, people who are in the pickup line at the front of the school will now have to take a left turn and leave campus out of the TPC side exit.

“We are not having them come around where the students exit; so the officer doesn’t have keep stopping the student line so much,” Brown said.

During the school day, one officer will be patrolling the student parking lot just to make sure that nobody is doing something that they are not supposed to.

“Usually Officer Alonzo sits and monitors the student parking lot, not because we’re out to bust everybody, but to make sure that people who are leaving are supposed to be leaving, and also to make sure that people coming to that parking lot are students who are supposed to be in that parking lot,” Brown said.

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