NEISD considers new technologies in classroom

by Sean Encino

Staff Writer

NEISD has begun examining the benefits of technology and its revolutionary advances. Though in the past the board has been reluctant to initiate changes in technology, NEISD is now looking to provide teachers with new classroom devices.

“We’re finding out ways to enhance the instructions, since you guys are so good at the technology phase…I know Dr. Middleton’s push is to increase technology usage with the kids,” Principal John Mehlbrech said. “Technology is definitely going to be a bigger role in the future.”

Dr.  Richard Middleton, the district superintendent, has been a major proponent for the district’s technological advance.

“He is the boss of bosses here. He is the CEO, if you will, of Northeast; he is the guy in charge of everything,” Mehlbrech said.

The district is looking to incorporate iTouches and iPads into its system, although it will take time to work out all the glitches.

“iPads are accessible right now, but we don’t want to use them until we know they’ll work the way we need them to work. So, there is communication between us and the company…you want to go slow, you don’t want to rush things,” Melhbrech said.

Robert Westhoefer is among the teachers who embrace the advantages of technology in the classroom. He uses technology to enhance his curriculum and provide more accessibility to students; he sends out updates through Twitter and records his lectures to post online.

“I’m excited about the possibilities it can hold,” Westhoefer said, “You’re pretty much still covering the same concepts, you’re still approaching a lot of the things in the same way.”

Advance is sure to be accompanied by technological difficulties along the way.

“I think it will always be a problem when it comes to technology… I think it may require a little bit more support staff,” Weshofer said. “I don’t think it’s any excuse to go away from it, though. Just because we’re afraid that certain things might happen doesn’t mean you can’t keep moving forward.”

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