Jags Winning Season Comes To A Halt With Loss to T-Birds

by Madelyn Carter

Sports Writer

High expectations for the Johnson football team proved too great as Wagner put seven points on the board within the first two minutes of the game. Both squads didn’t score additional points over the course of the first half, leaving a snooze-worthy 7-0 halftime score.

In no time at all, Wagner scored two touchdowns in the third quarter, as a lackadaisical Johnson defense struggled to keep up. An injury to junior, Jacob Lady-Shriber didn’t help the Jags either. There seemed to be hope for a comeback as the Jags scored a touchdown in the middle of the fourth quarter; but only minutes later, the T-birds came back and scored yet again.

Dropped passes and missed tackles showed another side to the Johnson team we’ve seen dominate the past two games. Hopefully this road block to a winning season will become competitive fuel for the games to come.

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