by: Madeline Kempf

Staff Writer

In some ways, John Mehlbrech’s transition from Tejeda Middle School to the halls of Johnson is a trip down memory lane.

“I love seeing all the kids,” Mehlbrech said. “Seeing them grow up from middle school and what’s really cool [is] I get to see the senior class graduate, which was my first eighth grade class, so it’s really neat.”

After receiving the call from Central Office for the job opening, he was at first surprised and uncertain.

“I had all plans to be at Tejeda. As I was working all summer and as this arrived, I was excited and wasn’t really sure that I wanted to take that jump. Eventually I was going to and I could not pass this up. This is such a great opportunity and I am just one of the luckiest people around, so I’m glad to be here.”

Mehlbrech anticipates increased student-faculty involvement as the school year progresses.

“Things are gonna change real quickly with this new testing and accountability. We’ll have to be on the same page so that we all understand the bar is set high. We’re gonna achieve and surpass that bar and keep moving forward,” Mehlbrech said.

He hopes to see the efforts of students in meeting these high standards come to fruition in the months to follow.

“I want us to be the king of the hill. That’s why we’re up here. I want people to look at us, not only that we’re at the top of the hill, but look at what’s inside the building and how great we are as a community, student body, and faculty. I want us to be exemplary up on a hill.”

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Madeline Kempf is a junior at Johnson High School. This is her second year as a staff writer for The Pride. She spends her social life spinning with the CTJ Colorguard and Winterguard, and smiles way too much. She's always got a cross on her necklace and should probably be doing the next APUSH chapter review.

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