New Goodwill evokes student interest

by Jordan Joyce

Staff Writer

The opening of a new Goodwill has caused much excitement among thrifty students.

“I need to go find another handlebar mustache shirt!” sophomore James Deering said.

Conveniently located on 281, the new Goodwill provides much easier access to every students vintage needs.

“Its a good way to find cheap clothes if you aren’t into labels,” Deering said.

Clothes aren’t the only treasure filling the aisles. All of the furniture, electronics, and toys can make any thrift store-lover feel like a kid in a candy store.

“I buy outdated computer equipment so I can smash it,” Deering said.

Students looking for one of a kind pieces or for those who just enjoy dressing up, Goodwill is the place to go.

“I always have fun when I’m at a thrift store, there’s so many fabulous things!” Deering said.

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