by Felicia DeInnocentiis

Staff Writer

Though school is only two months in, next year’s course selections have already become a priority for Johnson students and counselors. Course cards have been handed out and students are required to select their courses for next year’s schedule.

“[Course cards] used to be before Spring Break. Our goal is to have the master schedule done by May, and we need to know what people are taking what courses,” counselor Patti Snider said. “They started doing course cards early last year. It gives us more time to plan and get the master schedule right, so we know how many teachers we’ll need. It’s nice to get these things ahead of time.”

Though course cards will soon be submitted for the master schedule, the choices students make now are not permanent. Students are able to revise their decisions throughout the year.

“[Students] have until June 10 to change courses, so it’s nice for the kids,” Snider said.

Counselors are available in the counseling office to help guide and inform students as to which classes they should take during their academic career. Course cards will be collected and submitted online in the computer labs during English classes.

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Felicia DeInnocentiis is a junior at Johnson High School. This is her second year on the newspaper staff. After high school, she aspires to go to college and major in music and, possibly, music composition. One of Felicia's goals is to be a contributing writer for Rolling Stone magazine.

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