Drumline heads to Dallas for Lonestar Classic

By Jordan Joyce | Staff Writer

Everyone knows the Johnson band is rapidly making its way to the top in competition; but a smaller section therein is making a stir of its own in specialized contest. On Saturday, November 6, the Johnson drumline is going to one of the largest drumline competitions in Texas to take their name into the wider world.

“It’s basically the state finals for drumline,” junior Estevan Barrientez said.

The drumline went to a southwest regional contest last year, but is advancing to tougher competition as their talent matures.

“It’s cool because we’ve never gotten to do anything quite like this before,” sophomore Carrigan Miller said.

Since auditions were finalized in February, drumline and front ensemble have been working tirelessly towards this end-of-season event.

“We really just need to keep up the good work,” Miller said.

Lots of practice and individual work has made them confident despite the tough competition the Lonestar Classic presents.

“It’s going to be difficult to focus with such intense standards set upon us, but I feel we have what it takes to pull off a top five placement,” junior Evan Hansen said.

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