By Natalie Allen | Staff Writer

Get ready for the clean-shaven boys of Johnson to evolve into a horde of mountain-men. It’s No-Shave November, and everybody’s ready to get their autumn whiskers started.

“It’s a fun little social thing to do. There’s no particular reason,” junior Keagan Wickerham said.

These participants are looking forward to their new look.

“It’s to see how long your beard will grow; and yes, there will be before and after pictures,” junior Abe Briones said. “Also, I especially  like how it brings out your natural manly scent.”

Though its origins remain in question, No-Shavers are already working away at their goal. Or, not working at all.

“It’s an excuse to not shave,” Briones said. “I’m already getting it started. I stopped yesterday.”

The cleanliness of facial hair is quite a concern for the beardy brethren.

“It’s really hard to keep clean,” Briones said. “It gets annoying after a while.”

Other, more grave consequences exist.

“The girls think it’s gross,” he added.

This season may bring more mustaches than beards, simply for the sake of ease. Such trends due not deter those dedicated to a more extensive commitment.

“I’m going with a beard. Mustaches look creepy,” Wickerham said.

Don’t worry about recognizing the adherents of the tradition in a few weeks: they assure you that the change isn’t too significant.

“I’m not going to look like a lumberjack,” Wickerham insisted.

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  1. Marlin

    I think No-Shave November is gross!!! Some of my friends do it (girls, mind you) and the long body hair is disgusting!!!


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