by Natalie Allen| Staff Writer

Recently, I went to a concert at the White Rabbit and heard the colorful band called Blood On The Dance Floor. Curious about their background, I asked how they had come up with a name like theirs. They explained that there wasn’t any significance behind their group’s title, that, honestly, it was just a suggestion made by their drummer and they ran with the idea.

I got to sit and chat with them in the little pizza place connected to the venue. We talked about their flamboyant, individual style that features colored contacts, colored hair, and edgy wardrobe choice.

They have a very unique presence that I can promise you will never experience elsewhere. Their music has a catchy flow to it. It sticks out in your mind and later that night you end up singing it, for which I’m guilty of doing myself. It’s definitely the kind of music you play super loud in public places to get people’s attention. The Florida natives encourage people to come to more shows and they love taking pictures.

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