Basketball team dresses for success

by Kelsey Eidson | Staff Writer

If you have noticed changes in basketball players’ normal wardrobes, don’t worry – you aren’t going crazy. From “Throw-back Jersey Day” to “Go Green Day”, the players are finding new ways to connect as a team and have fun with it.

“On certain days we have themes,” sophomore Hunter Mellen said. “Basically, we just pick a day and we all dress up to support the theme.”

The team dressed up for their first game of the season on Monday, November 15t; players wore semi-formal attire for “Suit Up Day”.

“We started doing these things to get closer as a team and to bond and to get pumped up about games or anything going on that day,” Mellen said.

The team is hoping to establish theme days as a tradition for the rest of the year to build camaraderie among the players.

“We do it as a team. [It] lets us know we have each other’s back and even helps us play better as a team,” Mellen said. “And it’s just something fun we do.”

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