Lost items find their destination

By Natalie Allen | Staff Writer

At the end of the day, there are often forgotten possessions left around school. These items usually end up in a box at the Welcome Center.

“We have had clothes here since the second day of August in the beginning of the year,” attendance clerk Liliana Reyes said. “After 2 or 3 months we [will] spread the clothes out on a table out in the Welcome Center and put up a sign. We try and use the kids to get the word out about the station.”

The collection of items can sometimes be unappealing to the senses. Certain items have to be disposed of after some time, and most of the clothes tend to develop an odor after sitting in the center.

“Yes, the clothes really start to smell, and if we get lost lunches, we wait about 3 to 5 days before we throw those out,” Reyes said.

Other items may be of value, and students should consider searching for them in Lost and Found.

“We actually get things from homecoming and prom that people have left behind. There was a really nice pair of shoes someone had left behind once,” Reyes said.

Unclaimed items will be delivered to a local donation center on December 10 to benefit those less fortunate.

“It’s honestly for a good cause. I mean, it will go to someone who will really appreciate it during the holidays.”

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