Girls basketball comes back to beat East Central

Madelyn Carter | Sports Writer

The Lady Jags continue their winning record, with a win against East Central. The Jags started out slow, letting the Hornets get ahead with a 31-20 score by the end of the first half.
Johnson stepped up towards the end and dominated offensively, scoring 34 points in the second half. The team put up a defensive block to the Hornets, allowing only 13 points. The end result was 54-44; a well deserved win for the team.
Freshman Recee Caldwell was the leading scorer, with 17 points. Sophomore Brie Foresman was right behind Caldwell with 11. Foresman, not only dominated the scoreboard, but also braved the jabs and slaps from the Hornets, as she was continuely fouled and even recieved a mild concussion.
The Jags take this win to get ready for their first district game this Friday against the Reagan Rattlers. They will play at 6:30 pm at Littleton Gym.

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