Staff Writer Madeline Kempf

Where: Texas Ski Ranch

When: Friday, June 3, 2011, 10:30 pm to 5:00 am

Registration Fee: $55.00 through March 1, 2011, or $70.00 through May 28, 2011

Transportation: NEISD buses

This year’s graduating class is lined up for a post-graduation party planned to be one memorable night. The PTA chairmen along with Project Grad sponsor Megan Stokes have spent months in preparation for the seniors to celebrate their high school success.

“Project Graduation is an alcohol and drug free event held the night of graduation. The idea is to give our graduates a safe place to celebrate their accomplishments,” PTA chairman Becky Kirbo said.

With 6 1/2 hours to party, the parents have arranged an entire plethora of games and activities for the seniors to kick back and have fun. After graduation, the students are to report back to the school by 10:30 pm to be transported to Texas Ski Ranch.

“Texas Ski Ranch has both indoor and outdoor activities. Since the weather will be perfect that night, there will be a fire and DJ on the beach. The kids can eat, hang out, dance, karaoke, and play volleyball and other games. They will also have the opportunity to wake board on the lake. TSR has a beginner track and a more advanced wake board area where up to 6 kids can wake board at a time. Inside the kids can enjoy our casino night venue as well as ping pong, pool, rock climbing and games on the large screen TVs. Prizes will be awarded at the end of the night!” Kirbo said.

The parents are very enthusiastic about Project Grad and have done all they can to provide a great night for the seniors. They genuinely want the students to have the best time they can; their dedication to this project has made it crystal clear how much they care.

“While we hope the kids will try most, if not all of the activities, it is THEIR party and the kids can choose to/not to participate in any of the activities. We want everyone to have fun and enjoy their friends before they leave high school for college, careers, etc.”

As for the seniors, there’s a very simple guideline as to what can, should, and shouldn’t be brought. It’s an all nighter so the students do not need to bring any bags/sleep supplies.

“Students should wear clothing appropriate for a beach party. We recommend that girls wear bathing suits under clothing or board shorts and appropriate water/land shirt. Boys are encouraged to wear swim trunks that can double as shorts. They can also bring a disposable camera, cell phone and towel. A bag will be provided for their use. All food and sanitary products will be provided at TSR. Pocketbooks, backpacks, and outside food/drink should be left at home.”

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