by Natalie Allen | staff writer

In the words of Thin Lizzy: “The boys are back in town, spread the word around.”

Band members Jason Kollar, Spencer Clayton, Sean Lazaga, and Logan Price reunited for a remarkable comeback show recently and left the crowd in awe. You may recall their band Marbury Versus Madison from their performances in the talent show or possibly from the football halftime shows where they participated in the band. Each of the boys departed for college when graduating last year and nearly six months later, here they are. With the collaboration of the drums, bass, guitar, and keys, the music strung together a bond between these boys that led to their reunion show. The crowd was a collection of Johnson alumni, relatives of the members and quite a few close friends. Spencer, Sean and Logan gathered around Jason’s drums just before they preformed to say a few last words. Then, they began.

I was personally taken aback by them. Their music just has a certain essence that cannot be recreated. I would call it alternative music at it’s best. You can download the last song they made named “Untitled” via It was written about their seperation to college yet, they came back together to play it once more time.

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